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Wet Tropics Great Walk

The Townsville plan: a 250 km trail, Cungulla to Jourama Falls

Our group's name for trails is " Community education, awareness and partnership capacity building project".

Trails have great capacity to interest very broad elements of our community. They can realise that our mountains are indeed just as good as "The Grampians" with a flow on to appreciate regional natural resource management issues. Icon natural asset promotion invariably pivots around walking trails and publicity.

Meaningful trails experiences closely depend on involvement/awareness about how such magnificent natural assets are valued and cared for. Through publicity and speaking teams far more than just trails users will be keen to be involved.


On Nature's Trail
A regional Plan for Townsville Trails, January 2002

Text from: A Statewide Strategic Plan for Colorado Trails, January 2000


Many Townsville residents love the outdoors and recreation trails could be much more important to them because trails let people experience nature first hand.


Townsville has spectacular natural assets. In terms of biodiversity it ranks amongst the most diverse regions in Australia. The steep environmental gradient that supports wildlife results from coastlines, islands, cool mountaintops, from arid to rainforests and with internationally renown wetlands. It is steeped in history that is as ancient as anywhere.


This plan paints a picture of a future regional trail system that provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for experiencing the diverse landscapes of our region. Extensive stakeholder and public input will be sought that builds on the partnerships and accomplishments of the past years in presenting strategies for:

  • Providing leadership in developing our region's trails, integrated with a North Queensland trail system to meet the growing needs of our residents and visitors.
  • Encouraging planning of an integrated regional trail system that preserves critical trail access points, corridors, and links.
  • Promoting environmentally appropriate trail planning, design, construction, and management.
  • Establishing availability of trails information, education, and technical assistance.
  • Obtain stable, long-term funding sources for trail planning, design, construction, and maintenance.
  • Ensure stewardship of both the trails and the natural assets near trails through education, partnerships, volunteerism and youth programs.
  • Promoting trail ethics and encouraging the proper management of trail activity conflicts through partnerships between land managers both traditional and conventional, user groups, trail planners and land management agencies.


Natural assets in Australia are often only highly valued when trails access small but impressive segments.

The Townsville Region Trails Steering Committee represents major interest groups and is committed to seeing that this very long term plan becomes a reality. At the same time, the Steering Committee invites potential partners to join it to accomplish this ambitious vision, a vision that can only be implemented collaboratively.

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