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 Plants of the Tropical Rainforest, 1997 by Betsy R. Jackes,

A great reference for botany students and others keen on plants. Introductory explanations describe basic plant identification characters. There are keys to many species and families. While families are not intuitive for the plant identification beginner, they are in fact really very useful. Professionals always learn families first. This is an excellent guide for those keen on rainforests particularly, many of the local species are included. Ferns feature also. Very unusually lichens and mosses receive some treatment, as do the plants from the heathy country west of Paluma.

Available from the James Cook University Library, if not in your local bookstore.

This book is a reprint of earlier edition, older editions tend only to get out of date because of name changes and this one has a few, update yourself with the name changes on this web site

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