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 Townsville Region Plant Hot Spots, 1999, by Russell Cumming and Doug Silke. (approach Authors individually for a copy)

A master list of all plant species (more than 1750 species) in the Townsville region. Botanically it is a compilation by a super keen professional working in the region for about a decade together with work by two other professionals. All known local species are included, but as always there have to be omissions. Debate about species names is common and healthy, especially in the Tropics where plant identification is still evolving rapidly. This plant list is a must for anyone identifying plants in the Townsville Region because many alternative species options can be instantly eliminated because they do not occur here. It will be an indicative guide for areas adjacent to the region also.

The family order is most convenient for this purpose. Easy lookup for the families is included with a comprehensive genus/family index, listed alphabetically in Genus order.

Some 200 synonyms are cross referenced directly from within the main list, and bring the list up to date with the latest plant census, except for the inevitable few unlocatables.

The information provided for each species is the same as in "Hot Spots" ("Hot Spots" lists some 500 species) on this web site. Common names are listed, page number references exist to commonly used local references, references to the various Hot Spot Areas where found, if exotic to Queensland, and finally whether a vulnerable or protected species.

Lists of species are also given for most of the web site's "Plant Hot Spots". These lists differ since they list some additional species seen in the immediate area, not just those at the actual "Hot Spots", and Range View Ranch is not included.

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