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An excellent field guide of 192 pages in full colour. This book has been compiled and published by Keith Townsend of the Townsville Branch of SGAP. Price is about $24.00. Review by SGAP Qld. Region

A lot of thought has gone into the layout of this book. Plants are divided into four groups - trees; shrubs; vines and creepers; forbs and other plants. Each of these groups has colour coded edges to the pages, making them quick and easy to find. Within the groups the plants are arranged alphabetically by botanical name. Each plant has a full page devoted to it, including one or more colour photos illustrating the main feature/s. Botanical name, common name/s and family are given. Flowering and fruiting seasons are shown, along with a simple illustration of the shape and size of the plant.

This book came out about the time the new plant census came out, it has a few incorrect names, update yourself with the name changes on this web site

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