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Australian Tropical Rain Forest Trees and Shrubs (a CD not a book)
B.P.M. Hyland, T. Whiffin, D.C. Christophel, B. Gray, R.W. Wlick and A.J. Ford

An excellent reference to Tropical Rainforest Plants, the bible. For the very keen to the not so keen amateur with an interest in rainforest species. All identifications are very reliable. Use of images in this publication has been innovative. Because of an insistence upon photos being backed by pressed specimens, some fruit and flower photos of species and illustrations showing leaf variability in difficult to identify specimens are not yet available, but it is still the best reference by a long way for identification. (Most images may be there, I have not checked thoroughly). Price is about $130.00. Try Gary Sandowski's (Yaruga Nursery) CD for images not present in this CD.

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