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By Jenny Milson; published by Qld. Department of Primary Industries. Price$25.00. Review by SGAP Qld. Region

This book is designed to help land managers, staff from DPI and other government bodies, school children, tourists and nature enthusiasts to identify the more common plants of the western region of Queensland. Plants chosen include those which indicate pasture health and those which are the most dominant or of economic importance. As such, it is a publication which can be easily used by the amateur naturalist.

A map shows the area of the state covered by this manual. The introduction gives a brief but useful description of the land types of the region, and colour codes are used with the individual plant descriptions to show the land types in which the plant commonly occurs.

Plants are arranged in four types - weeds; grasses and grass-like plants; forbs, lilies and ferns; and trees and shrubs. Within each of these sections the plants are arranged in order of family. The comprehensive index of scientific and common names provides easy reference to any particular plant. There is a good general description of each of the species included in the book and there are colour photographs of the plants, at least one for each species.

The 220 species selected give a good coverage of the main components of the flora of the region, making it a very useful manual to assist the amateur naturalist visiting these areas. It is highly recommended as a field guide to assist anyone in identification of the plants seen, and as a general reference to the types of plant communities in the arid zone of Queensland.

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