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Plant Identification texts
Field Guide to Plants of the Dry Tropics
Plants of Magnetic Island
Plants of the Tropical Rainforest (Paluma)
A Guide to the Plants of the Burra Range
Fruits of the Rainforest - A Guide to Fruits in Australian Tropical Rainforests
Plant Identification in the Arid Zone
Townsville Region Plants, and Plant Hot Spots
Australian Tropical Rain Forest Trees and Shrubs (CD)
Yaruga Nursery/Gary Sandowski's Rainforest CD
Useful for Gardening:
Across the Top - Gardening with Australian Plants in the Tropics

The Society for Growing Australian Plants, through the Queensland Region, publishes a number of books on various aspects of Australian native plants. They also stock publications from other sources that may not be readily available in bookshops. These publications may be purchased from the Society. go to SGAP Qld's list of publications

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