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 Frogs of Townsville
Townsville's Ramsar declared wetlands
Australian Native Bee Research Centre
Method for determining Seed Storage Behaviour (no species data here)

Other Townsville organisations


Phone, Fax, Email



Burdekin Dry Tropics Board

unit 3 St James Place
155-157 Denham St
Townsville. qld

(07) 4724-3544
(07) 4724-3577

SGAP Townsville Branch Inc.

North Queensland Conservation Council

336 Flinder's St. Townsville Qld.

4771 6226
4724 4468

Wildlife Preservat'n Society of Qld.

PO Box 857
Aitkenvale, Qld. 4814

(07)47788224 (AH)
(07)4781 4792 (W)


TREAT, Lake Eacham Nursery (Qld Parks & wildlife) (TREAT)
Nigel & Tanya Tucker

PO Box 21 Yungaburra 4872
McLeish Rd Lake Eacham

Ph: 07 4095 3406
Fax: (07) 4095 3406

Newsletters on the web. Wet Tropics indigenous plants available to TREAT members ($10), advice, reveg, monitoring, education, outings.

Townsville Thuringowa Landcare Association Inc.

PO Box 1490

Ph: 07 4781 4841
fax: 07 4781 4020

See also
Oak Valley Landcare

River Group (and Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers)

PO Box 827 Townsville 4810
Moorhead St. Townsville

(07)4721 4077
fax(07)4772 3077
Email: atcvtsv@bigpond.com

Townsville Coastal Plain river Environment: many fairly independent sections: birds, plants, invertebrates, fish, water quality

Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers

PO Box 827 Townsville 4810
Moorhead St. Townsville

(07)4721 4077
fax(07)4772 3077
Email: atcvtsv@bigpond.com

Revegetation, path constructing, weed control, cultural site restoration, endangered species protection work, (river group)

Bush Garden, Tupalg

At the Bush Garden
down end of Thompson St, Aitkenvale then go bush behind special school & science school.

Ph (07)4771 4623
Fax (07)4771 4624

Orchid Society

Friends of Castle Hill