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Saunder's Beach, coastal closed forest walk:
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 Townsville Region Plant Hot Spots: by Russell Cumming and Doug Silke, copyright 17/4/99


Map of the Saunder's Beach, coastal closed forest walk



Saunder's Beach Scrub 

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Littoral (on sea shore margins) closed forest is another form of the familiar "mid-high to tall small-leaf closed forest". This is the only patch close to Townsville perhaps because of the proximity of the lagoon behind. This vegetation type is more common in wetter country to the north on the sheltered old dune lines that closer to the beach where they are fertilised by salt spray nutrients. Older more impoverished stranded dune lines further away from the beach more typically only support "Eucalyptus tessellaris (on ridges)/Melaleuca (in valleys) tall woodlands".

Soils around Townsville are very poor. The local granite or acid volcanic rocks produce very low fertility heavy clay soils (duplex). The lower slopes on the edges of hills have better quality soils, but beware.. ancient seepage/evaporation patches have rendered some areas impossibly saline.

Alluvial soils that follow present and ancient creek-bed lines have good fertility. The steeper slopes have thin soils over rock. The flat country is subject to wet season flooding. The broad-leaved Tea-tree flats are especially poorly drained, with even poorer soils, but with interesting natural vegetation. The Saunder's Beach lagoon lies in between old dune lines left by retreating sea levels.

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