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HotSpot: at tree no 3; 113m from road centre (Paluma Rainforest "H" Trail) | about the data & symbols & references | top | to Paluma "H Trail" main page for this spot the list is incomplete.

Townsville Region Plant Hot Spots: by Russell Cumming and Doug Silke, copyright 17/4/99

 DryT = Townsend 1997 "Plants of the Dry Tropics"; MagIs = Jackes 1987 "Plants of Magnetic Island" PRnF = Jackes 1991 "Plants of the Tropical Rainforest"

Flowering Plants

Melodinus australis Bellbird Vine
woody climber: MagIs pg 32: PRnF pg 21; see species at: PalumaRnF
Calamus australis Lawyer Cane
climber; Wait-a-while, Hairy Mary: PRnF pg 22; see species at: PalumaRnF
Caldcluvia paniculosa Roseleaf Marara
Brown Alder, Corkwood: PRnF pg 23; see species at: PalumaRnF
Elaeocarpus elliffii
tree: PRnF pg 24; see species at: PalumaRnF
Elaeocarpus largiflorens Tropical Quandong
: PRnF pg 24; see species at: PalumaRnF
Sloanea langii White Carabeen
tree: PRnF pg 24; see species at: PalumaRnF
Sloanea macbrydei Northern Yellow Carabean
tree; Cudgerie, Grey Carabeen: PRnF pg 24; see species at: PalumaRnF
Macaranga subdentata Needlebark
tree: PRnF pg 25&75; see species at: PalumaRnF
Apodytes brachystylis Buff Alder
tree: PRnF pg 26; see species at: PalumaRnF
Beilschmiedia collina Mountain Blush Walnut
Endiandra bessaphila Gully Walnut
Neolitsea dealbata Velvet-leaf Bollywood
small tree; Bolly Gum, White Bolly Gum, Grey Bollywood: PRnF pg 27&73; see species at: PalumaRnF
Hypserpa decumbens
: PRnF pg 28; see species at: PalumaRnF
Archidendron vaillantii Salmon Bean
tree: PRnF pg 28; see species at: PalumaRnF
Brackenridgea australiana Brown Ochna
tree: PRnF pg 30 as Brackenridgea nitida subsp. australiana; see species at: PalumaRnF
Brackenridgea nitida subsp. australiana now is Brackenridgea australiana
Freycinetia excelsa Climbing Pandan
climber: PRnF pg 30&70; see species at: PalumaRnF
Darlingia darlingiana Brown Silky Oak
med. tree: PRnF pg 31; see species at: PalumaRnF
Halfordia kendack Saffronheart
small tree; Kerosenewood, Ghittoe, Jitta: PRnF pg 32 as Halfordia scleroxyla; see species at: PalumaRnF
Halfordia scleroxyla now is Halfordia kendack
Guioa acutifolia
small tree: PRnF pg 33; see species at: PalumaRnF, AlligCk
Ripogonum album White Supplejack
woody climber: PRnF pg 34; see species at: PalumaRnF
?Diplazium sp. (indet.)?
Cyathea rebeccae
: PRnF pg 56; see species at: PalumaRnF

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