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This is the second of four "More Quarry Images" pages: | page 1: introduction | page 2: entrance Valley & Main Quarry | page 3: Opera Quarry & Knoll Quarry | page 4: Front Quarry

More images: the Entrance Valley and the Main Quarry

Most of the quarry is hidden in the valley behind the light pole

 From the street the Front Quarry main wall is the only part visible, the main quarry is in the valley behind





Entrance Valley

 The image on the right shows the "Entrance Valley", with the access road and a creek alongside climbing up into the elevated main quarry.

Imagine this road tunnelling through an arch of foliage from trees along both road sides

A mostly dry rocky creek services the entire valley and runs through the quarries behind.

The rocky knoll at the top of the road is a very attractive feature. The concrete crusher foundations add a historical perspective.

Dead end road stubs divide the slopes on either side of the access road into sections. Perhaps each section could show a different local vegetation type

This area is ideal for most of Townsville Region's plants… they grow on the slopes. By showcasing our many beautiful plant species we could promote the Townsville Region, instead of somewhere else.

Below is a view above the "Main Quarry", photo taken from the "Upper Terrace". Behind the photographer is another creek that sometimes flows over the waterfall into the Main Quarry. The upper terrace is reached by a walking track from the quarry floor that continues on to either Castle Hill summit or the West End Cemetery

View from the Upper Terrace over the Main Quarry | to larger image | to another larger image |next image shows Opera Quarry and Knoll Quarry


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