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This is the infamous: Stinging Tree, Dendrocnoide moroides.

The stinging tree, note the leaf stalk enters into the leaf blade not on the leaf edge. Note the serrated leaves and somewhat hairy stems. Scale: pot is 25 cm dia.


Not a reason to stay away from the bush, but this species must be treated with care.

The word "Tree" in the common name is a misnomer, actually it grows no larger than about 2 metres as a green single or multi stemmed herbaceous shrub.

The sting from the leaves is excruciating, pain episodes continue for 6 months, permanent touch nerve damage in skin can occur. The pain can cause stress that aggravates other conditions, so can be life threatening.

When seen once, almost certainly a number more will occur in the same area. Remain alert at all times in or adjacent to closed forest around Townsville, but especially if one has already been seen. If in charge of a group of children then you've really got to wind up the senses to remain vigilant, really you must be certain they cannot get hit.