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1998 Townsville SGAP Queensland Region Conference

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Education and plants
an education and awareness philosophy starter
The Townsville region is very rich in plant life (and durable intact ecosystems). These cry out for more recognition. One of the main ways to describe an ecosystem is to describe the plant communities. But plant species, birds and butterflies are other ways to introduce people to ecosystems. Geological and evolutionary history gives another essential perspective on ecosystems.
- Some garden projects have big educational value
The value of public gardens featuring local species for education of the public, and there are other spinoff benefits.

About our Townsville Region:
- overview of regional plant species
- regional evolution and geomorphology (way the land formed)
- a genetic perspective that can be applied
- vegetation communities and species lists, a good way to get into local plants and ecosystems, but not much information yet
- environmental weed management
- climate (lots of info. here)
- soils, some information about our clay soils
- simple geological history - lots of info. here
- for a very basic vegetation type introductionů try here, more shortly
- conservation value of local gene pool plants

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